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12 AI Tools That Can Save Small Business Owners Time

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Not all AI tools are created equal, but with the right ones, small business owners can take work off their plates. No doubt, there is way too much hype around artificial intelligence. Much of the technology is still in its infancy.

Small business owner working on computer

The constant promise from AI promoters is this → the technology is getting better every day. Great. But small business owners are busier than ever and need all the help they can get today, not when AI grows up.

That led us to sort through and pick out the following 12 AI tools business owners can utilize right now to save time and money.

3 AI Writing Tools

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a robot to write a perfect company memo or an effective marketing email series. Bots have all the words but lack the humanity it takes to create compelling writing.

Small business owner working from home

AI writers can get memos, letters, emails, and reports started though. They can be a launching point that saves leaders a couple hours a week on writing tasks.

#1) ChatGPT - It is being called the greatest chatbot in the world. Users feel like they are chatting with a human. But the best chatbot on Earth still isn’t human. Is this AI writer popular right now? Yes, so much so that you may find the website down due to heavy traffic.

This tool is worth testing despite flaws. Test now so you can see possibilities and envision use cases for when ChatGPT is ready for prime time.

#2) Glasp - This automated writer can help you specifically with newsletter writing. It promises the following:

Create weekly top reads (it learns from text you highlight)

Write the next paragraph

Prompts you with ideas

Putting a newsletter together for your clients and customers can be time-consuming. Find a reliable AI tool and you can shave a percentage of that time off so you can focus on tasks a bot can’t do.

#3) Rev - This transcription service is not a Johnny-Come-Lately bot. gets rave reviews for accurate transcriptions. They use AI and human transcriptionists.

Use cases:

● Turn video webinars into text

● Convert audio/video-recorded meetings to text

● Training and marketing videos transcribed

Up next is the assistant you didn’t know was available.

4 At Your Service Bots

Siri and Alexa are not the only digital assistants. Make way for niche assistants with the ability to, well, do anything on a computer you can imagine. But let’s look at ones most likely to help busy entrepreneurs.

Business meeting

#1) Talk to Books - AI assistants can do niche searches. How this one works - you ask a question and it gives you a book link and a quote from the book related to your query.

In today’s world, the business owner who invests time in books has an advantage over those only making time for reading blogs, which can’t dive as deep.

Example: I input this question: “What are the biggest business failures in the modern age?” I was given a book link and this quote from the book:

“Walt Disney, of all people, was fired by the editor of a newspaper because he had “no good ideas.” The list of successful business “failures” is a long one. But that’s not the point.”

#2) Consensus - This AI app is in beta but shows promise. It provides enhanced search focused on results from research papers. Very handy when you need hard facts and statistics instead of random Google page results.

A variety of businesses could use this type of search to help:

Create top-notch content

Bolster marketing messages

Track trends related to their market

#3) Genei - How nice if you had a friend summarize a page full of text for you, huh? Genei is one of many AI products made for summarizing.

Some of these tools can summarize text in the background. While others require you copy and paste text into the app.

#4) Viable - Does your company have mountains of customer feedback to sort through? Viable claims to compile all that data into an easy-to-manage and understand format.


● Improve customer experience

● Product management

● Customer / client insights

Speaking of customers…

3 AI Customer Service Tools

Customers don’t like annoying automated phone trees. Can AI be a better solution? Check out the options below.

business technology

#1) Poly AI - See this app’s case studies to learn how it handles customer service. The company claims the service answers every call instantly, 24/7. Plus, it offers the service in any language and can be implemented in two weeks, according to the company site..

#2) Cohere - This AI service offers help with common repetitive tasks related to customer problems. This testimonial shows how the service helped a financial business with its time-consuming customer service issues.

*Automation led to customers self-serving in 60% of cases after implementation.

#3) Insurance Business AI - Insurance has to be on point. After all, we’re talking about protecting customers’ homes and automobiles. Not to mention health and life insurance.

Can EBI artificial intelligence handle those crucial business responsibilities? The company believes so and has their game plans for other industries’ automated customer service also.

2 Video Creation Automation Tools

Video creation is part of too many businesses to count. Companies use video for:

● Content

● Training

● Marketing links inside printed materials


● Zoom calls that get turned into content or training videos

movie set

Below are two AI tools to save your company time on tedious video tasks.

#1) Fliki - I tested and was impressed with this video tool. It has very humanized AI voiceovers for videos. Or you can work with audio only.

Either way, all you do is enter text and the platform does the rest. Endless possibilities here. Example: You could create an internal podcast for your team and only have to type out the content. No recording equipment needed or time set aside to record audio or video.

#2) Windsor - Perhaps the most innovative tool on this list. Windsor allows you to create personalized video in the easiest manner possible.

The claim: Record one video and the AI converts it into ten, a hundred, even thousands of videos made for specific individuals.

For example, if you wanted to welcome every new employee personally via video, you would record a welcome video first. Then Windsor, using your database / CRM, inserts the recipient’s name into the video.

See for yourself → the CEO demonstrates how it works.

Of course, with any AI tool, you will want to see how it stands up to your testing. For your specific business purposes.

Now, to wrap up this list of AI tools to help you small business owners and leaders, here is a bonus tool.

If you have a hard time shopping for gifts or get caught waiting until the last minute, this gift-suggesting bot will be a lifesaver during the holidays or the next anniversary that “catches you by surprise!”

Investment advice offered through Private Advisor Group, LLC, a registered investment advisor.

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