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Are you looking for ongoing financial advice and investment management?

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What we offer

We are in the business of providing financial advice (not selling products) and receive compensation for the value of advice through ongoing planning and management of all aspects of your finances. In addition to management of your investments and tax minimization planning our services include less quantifiable benefits such as assessments, behavioral coaching, goal optimization, and savings guidance. Additionally, we can coordinate the preparation and filing of your income tax returns through Powers Tax Preparation, a separate company that's under common ownership with SkyBlue Wealth Advisors

Tax planning

It’s not enough to simply build wealth, you also must maintain it. We work to help minimize your taxes and maximize your outcomes with a focus on reducing your lifetime tax liability. Specific to your retirement, we help you establish a tax-efficient investment and distribution strategy, which may include:

  • Tax Bracket Planning

  • Social Security Planning

  • Medicare Planning

Retirement planning

Retirement planning can be both exciting and unnerving at the same time. Risks in the stock market, health care, longevity, inflation, long-term care, and losing a spouse are just a few of the uncertainties you will face. We use an ongoing process to ensure that you can live out your retirement dreams with the least amount of risk possible. Our process includes:

  • Defining what goals are most important to you

  • Improving the probability of success in achieving your goals

  • Aligning your investment strategy with your risk tolerance and financial goals

  • Creating an income plan

  • Reducing your tax burden

  • Stress testing your retirement plan

  • Maximizing wealth transfer to your heirs

Investment management

We implement investment solutions specifically designed to help you achieve your retirement goals

Using information gained through our personal conversations with you, we develop a custom investment plan and allocation target. In building the plan, we are guided by your specific objectives and tax considerations. It is this plan that guides all portfolio decisions

We take a passive approach to investment management to minimize fund and transaction costs and taxes and to avoid behavioral biases associated with trying to time the market. We utilize low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) to build and manage custom portfolios

For whom is this service best

This service is best for anyone looking for a trusted fiduciary partner to help with ongoing financial, tax and investment decisions throughout retirement. We provide advice on annual income planning and portfolio distributions, Roth conversions, investment management, tax-efficient gifting and charitable donation strategies, estate planning, etc.

What it costs

Tiered Assets Under Management:
What it is: This fee model is based on the total amount of money we manage for you

How it works:

  • We charge 1.25% on the first $1 million of your investments, billed every three months

  • For the next $1 million, we charge 1.00%, capped at $20,000 annually, also billed every three months

  • If your portfolio exceeds $2 million, your advisory fees are capped at $20,000 per year

Why it might be right for you: It's suitable for clients with varying investment levels, and the fee decreases as your investments grow


What it is: This model doesn't involve your investment accounts for billing, and is separate from managing investments

How it works:

  • We offer flexible payment options, including:

  • Hourly rates for specific projects

  • A flat annual fee, which is $6,000 for individuals and $7,200 for couples

  • Payment can be made through Advice Pay, allowing you to choose annual, quarterly, or monthly billing

Why it might be right for you: If you want financial advice without linking it to your investment accounts or prefer project-based or flat-rate pricing, this model provides flexibility


We do not accept commissions for selling financial products, ensuring that our focus remains solely on providing you with the best financial planning and advice

Next steps

Thank you for your interest. We're happy to have an introductory call with you and offer a Schedule tool for convenience

* The fee may be higher if you are a business owner, have a highly structured legal estate, own private or illiquid investments or otherwise have a lot of complexity in your financial life. We will quote you the final fee after having an introductory call

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